Reference: Follow the web link attached to Jacques Goulet's profile for the original story on the Goulet Family.


The Goulet family finds its origins Normandel au Perche, France, they can trace themselves back to Thomas Goulet , a wood worker in Normandel au Perche. While the birth date of Thomas is  uncertain, he married in 1613 Antoinette Feillard of the same village. Their first son Jacques born 1615 followed in his father's trade. Jacques married Marguerite Maillier in 1645 and there were among the recruits of Sieur des Châtelets who embarqued on a voyage to the new land  Nouvelle France, what is today called Canada. 

Jacques Goulet was a pioneer on the river's edge of  Beaupré. In 1666 he was living with his wife, seven children and a domestic. The family had 15 acres of cultivated land and five cows. By 1681 Jacques had worked sufficiently to have 30 acres of cultivated land, his five cows and a horse. so one might say that he was a prosperous farmer.  

The youngest son of Jacques and Marguerite, is the patron of the line that concerns this particular article, for it is this line that connects with the Macfie. Joseph Goulet born 1669 at Chateau Richer which is now called Montmorency, located just est of Quebec City. During his youth around 1688 he signed up as a  "coureur des bois" and traveled out west to trade for animal skins with the Indians. Joseph married Anne Julien  in 1692 in Ange Gardien Quebec. Their great grandson Francois born 1724 decided to remain in Canada under the new rulers the English (1763) and it appears that either he or his son Francois displaced them selves to the area around Chateauguay - Valleyfield . We can imagine, if we cannot confirm, that perhaps Francois, the father had been obliged to join a French Militia group to fight the English armies and had along with his company been transferred to the Chateauguay valley, to protect New France from invading English for the American Colonies. Once the conflict was terminated, his group may have been disbanded in that area and he decided to remain..  

In any case the Goulet family of which we are concerned remained in the Valleyfield area until the early 1900's where upon we find them in Montreal. This bring us down to Rene Goulet born 1908 in Valleyfield, and apprenticed in Montreal to the firm Lindy- Hall of Montreal. The company having obtained a contract with the gouverment of the times to build refrigeration lockers for the fishing industry in the peninsula of Gaspé, moved his young family to Chandler Quebec. Once the contract was completed young Rene was asked to stay on and work for the gouverment as refrigeration inspector of the the various cold storage lockers that he had help construct. A position that he did not refuse, and a position he held until his retirement in 1970. 

In Chandler, on April 6th 1938, Francoise Goulet made her appearance, she was the fourth child , the third girl for Rene and his wife of eight years Gertrude Dumont. Shortly after her birth the family moved from Chandler, to the town of Gaspé itself, where they installed themselves in the former large brick residence of Dr Buckley. They remained in Gaspé until 19--, moving to a residence on Brown St. in Quebec City, then onto a modest home in Ste Foy until 1975. At that time following a disastrous automobile accident in which Rene, Gertrude and their young grandson Stephen Lafleur were seriously injured, it was determined that the difficulties of keeping the house were too much, so Rene and Gertrude moved to an apartment in St. Lambert Quebec.